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Mentor Services begin with a comprehensive analysis of sales activity to identify gaps and revenue opportunities. As a result, a comprehensive report includes a project customized plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a projected schedule going forward. The initial investment is based on the scope of work to prepare at a minimum of $625.00 w/ no follow-on commitment required.  


  A schedule is established that includes time slots for conducting work.We engage with sales management and staff to support a transition plan to ‘mapping’ both the sales process and financial (forecast) reporting. The endgame of this transition is providing executive and sales management with a model that sustains the revenue generation process.


 My wife has Parkinson’s Disease, so I am required to work from home part-time. It is important to me you should know, I am not looking for a free ride or to profit at your expense. My interest is working closely with a CEO and his sales management to manage a strategy that will significantly contribute to the endgame of ‘sustaining’ revenue growth; i.e. “work smarter, not just harder”.    

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