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In this day and time business intelligence driven by big data is king. 

Small to medium size businesses must rely on historical Key Performance Indicators or KPIs for direction.  

Introducing KFI Analytics (Key Future Indicator Analytics)  New business methods and tools  for managing  sales activity  devoted to winning new accounts.

KFI Analytics™ is a framework model and  methodology specifically designed for SMB product and manage  service provider sales organizations to effectively manage a new business development sales strategy that delivers against revenue goals. 

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New Business Development

In order to grow revenue Managed IT Service Providers must rely on revenue derived from new business development sales activity and that is where we can help you.

In a highly competitive marketplace this effort is not for the faint of heart.

To successfully generate revenue from NBD activity a Managed IT Service Provider must adopt a some rules for managing the activity.

We have the solution to managing new business development sales activity. 


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Greyfox Associates Consulting & Governance services are designed to help SMB organizations execute business development sales activity to win new accounts as a key component to their overall revenue generation goal attainment..


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